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The Deliverer…

As I pondered December 1st, being the start to the holiday season; my thoughts went to what it must have been like those 2,000+ years ago when the birth of Jesus was approaching. I reflected on how the Bible says the Jewish people were under tremendous oppression by Roman rule. The Roman government was so domineering that the people cried out to God to send a “Deliverer”.

A “Deliverer” had been foretold of hundreds of years earlier, however, none had come. The Jewish people experienced great poverty and persecution at the hands of the Romans; leading to revolt. The years of brutality had made the Jewish people hard hearted, stubborn, and cruel in return. On this December eve they waited for a Deliverer to rescue them from misery and conquer their oppressors.

Today, if you think about our country, the world at large and the human condition, we are in a very similar situation: one of oppression, (particularly for Christian values and beliefs,) one of rebellion, one of cruelty: selfishness, anger, impatience. We lose our temper and our manners at the first sign of inconvenience. We jump to conclusions without having the full story, we retreat within; living in fear, we protect, we debate…we rebel.

We have become so narcissistic that there is no time, patience, or energy left to be kind. We are so busy caught up in our personal struggles that we don’t have the wherewithal to put others ahead of our own “suffering”, or detour long enough to make a difference in someone else’s life.

And can you blame us? We are exhausted and beat-down every day – socially, professionally, financially, physically, emotionally. We are doing everything we can to keep our head above water. There is scarcely a person that if they could be truly transparent, that would not admit to the intense struggles in their lives, and the overwhelmed feelings they experience just trying to survive. With so much adversity we become withdrawn and introspective, lacking desire or ambition to care about others, especially outside our realm of convenience or obligation. We isolate … all the while our hearts cry is to be “delivered”.

This thought made me sad… But then it occurred to me, “what if while we’re waiting for the return of the “Deliverer”, we are to be “deliverers” ourselves. What if until Christ returns, as He said he would, we are to help “deliver” our “neighbor”.

When Jesus appeared on the scene those 2000+ years ago, he was the “Deliverer” the Jews had been waiting for, but his message was not one of political power, strong-arming, or war. His message was one of “love your neighbor as yourself”. He told them to “be the light to the world”. They were to help orphans, widows, and the beaten-down, to love their fellow man, including those they disagreed with – to be a “deliverer”.

So maybe while we are waiting on Jesus’ return, our ultimate” Deliverer”, we too could to make room in our lives to be Christs intercessor helping to “deliver” people. Be their friend in times of despair, show them kindness, mercy, forgiveness, helping to deliver them from the pit of their fears and struggles, ultimately showing them the love of Christ.

Jesus is returning one day and He will deliver mankind for all eternity once and for all, this is for certain. But, until that time – possibly we could be the hands, the feet, the voice, and the heart of one reaching out on behalf of the eternal “Deliverer”.

I hope you have a very merry holiday season and that you find peace in the “Deliverer”.


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